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  • Established in 1977
  • Affiliated to the Japan Karate Association England
  • Teach correct form of Shotokan Karate as practiced in Japan
  • Gradings by Japanese instructors.
  • Classes 2 nights a week
  • Instrumental in promoting Karate throughout Somerset


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Future History

The club intends to continue to maintain the high level of training for which it is renowned. New students will be taught the correct form of Shotokan Karate as practiced in Japan and taught to us by our Japanese Sensei. The club instructors led by Norman Welch will ensure that all new members undergo a structured training programme to enable them to learn quickly and safely and reach the required level of fitness and ability for each grade. With over 8 Black Belts in the club ranging from Ist to 3rd Dan members are assured of excellent instruction.

The gradings (which are preceded by a training session) are held every three months with Japanese instructors. There are opportunities to train up to the highest level for all members of the club, through the JKA England, and many of courses are subsidised the club.

The club has a very active social life and newcomers are always made welcome.

click to view profileNorman Welch started Taunton Shotokan Karate Club in 1977. He had moved to Taunton to take up employment and found that the only local club studied under the Wado-Ryu style. As a first Kyu (brown-belt) he wanted to continue his previous study in the Shotokan style.

The first session was on a Monday night in May 1977, at Trull Memorial Hall there were 5 people present!

Over the following months more and more people turned up (the "Bruce Lee" phenomenon had just started).

Eventually Norman ran 4 classes a week (2 each night) until the numbers stabilised, and for many years there were at least 30 students a night.

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