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James Tinning 1st Dan


James Tinning

Year of Birth:


Current Grade:

Nidan (2nd Dan)



Karate History:

I started out in Karate when a friend asked me to come along to a training session, he was already a purple belt, so I asked another friend to come who was a beginner like me. In that first lesson I learnt that I really didn't know my left from my right but that I was naturally flexible which made things easier. I was so impressed by that first lesson I enrolled on that day and so did my friend Steve Clark.

Over the years I travelled the length of the country to take part in courses by top instructors, I have also done Spring and Summer courses, which I find very beneficial and highly recommend it to anyone. By going to these courses I have come across a varied teaching from the Japanese, European and British instructors, which have broaden my insight in karate.


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